Brilliant people and outstanding approach

Oväder is the global services hub for small and medium organizations. We advice and deliver solutions for strategy, branding and technology to create significant improvements and move forward your ideas.

You will remember us because of the outstanding approach

Our beliefs, that only results are key indicators in every business, makes that our work will be measured not by the size of the report but by real numbers that put smiles to people faces. We work with goals and always treat our Client’s businesses like ours with ownership, and we focus to sell outcomes, not projects.

Communication aligned with Clients’ capabilities as well as more than 10 years of experience in a broad range of industries allows us to connect dots fast and precisely. Thanks to that, we deliver answers and business value from the beginning of cooperation.

Experts and partners working together to deliver results

Both with our team and partners network we combine experience and use new technologies to define the future. We advice organization in most critical issues and opportunities. Our value-focused approach drives all discussion into solving problem and finding the best solution.

Unique combination of expertise, industry knowledge and new technologies, take our deliverables to the next level and leverage our Client's businesses.