Capability increased by 180% in a service company

The company providing professional warranty and after-warranty services dramatically increased number of incoming orders and asked to digitalize workflow and improve contact support. Oväder helped to leverage daily operations and to decrease number of incoming calls by the functionalities of software system.


The situation

The Client’s Company, by many years of professional services and partners network increased the number of incoming orders by 620% in just four years. Continuous growth and lack of high-qualified people on the market turned daily operations into a situation where almost 30% of the time was consumed by the contact with clients, asking for order status.

The organization wasn’t operating at its full potential. All gaps in the workflow, as well as bottlenecks, was defined and defined as a foundation for the new software system. The current workflow was redefined and improved for further growth and planned scale of operations.

We’ve recommended to:

  • Redesign the current workflow
  • Use Kanban to present and follow the work internally
  • Describe work in the system to keep all necessary information in one place
  • Develop automated external solution to handle customer support
  • Develop internal solution with clear dashboards and lists of work

The deliverables

Solutions available on the market couldn’t handle more advanced workflow and decision to design and develop completely new, the tailor-made solution was made. The software system was designed based on improved workflow and defined gaps.

Ovader delivered an application for internal (employees) and external users (clients and partners). Internal, user-friendly version composed of comprehensive dashboards and many workflow-related modules was a central point for all daily operations.

For both, clients and partners, the external portal was a place to easily find information about the current status of order as well as place a new order. Automatic SMS and email notification improved customer’s satisfaction and decreased the number of daily contacts.

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The results

Effective switch for the new solution was made in less than one month and full track and history of orders was handled in the new software. Customer support was automatically handled by the system and dramatically decreased numbers of contacts with clients by 63% in the first year. Thanks to more time, the company gets more capabilities to handle new orders and prepare for further growth.

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